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About Us

We are Energy Warriors
– we hunt the kilowatts

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    The Energy Warrior has been hunting fluorescent lights out of strata & commercial buildings around Sydney for almost 10 years.


    Tim has been a part of the Proenergy team, since 2014 to deliver hundreds of highly successful LED lighting projects. 

    With many buildings now having some kind of LED lighting, the time has come for the Energy Warrior to add a few strings to his bow!

    Energy Cost Attack was founded by Tim Etheridge in 2013
    Tim Etheridge

    Tim left the ‘misery of corporate life' (at ACE-Chubb Insurance) 😉 behind and went looking for something useful to do for people.  Even in 2013, energy efficiency was on people’s minds.  But how to find a place in that great big value chain that is energy generation, distribution and consumption ?

    Tim headed over to Cornwall, England to do a course in sub-metering and learn how to measure energy efficiency.   Back in Sydney, Australia there was not a lot demand for someone with a web connected energy logger and some CTs to clamp onto cables. 

    The LED lighting up-grade market was booming
    The LED lighting up

    In 2013, people could get rid of their 50W halogen downlights that do a better job of heating the room than lighting it.  In New South Wales, the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) was getting under way and the rebates were so good, suppliers could change downlights for “free” and still make a margin.

    Tim joins Proenergy

    Tim joined forces with Proenergy, based in Bondi Junction and since then, he has delivered several hundred LED lighting projects through the Proenergy team.  Now, in 2024, the Energy Saving Scheme still delivers a decent rebate for exchanging fluorescent generation lights for motion sensor LED fittings.

    Recent projects include:

    • Macquarie Apartments at 155 Macquarie St,
    • The HYDE at 157 Liverpool St, both in the Sydney CBD.
    • Shore Apartments at 450 Pacific Highway, Artarmon
    • Valentino Place at 1 Rothschild Ave, Rosebery are other major lighting up-grade projects, completed in the last 12 months.
    • Discovery Point - Wolli Creek.  Car parks & fire stairs.
    The EV Market kicks off
    The EV Market kicks off

    In 2021, the Energy Warrior could see that EV charging would grow from a good idea to a necessity of life over the next 10 years.  Tim started look around for suppliers who could deal with the challenges of enabling a strata building car park.  Since then, he has developed a great working relationship with the Ocular Charging team, who deliver the hardware and software to match the strata & commercial market.

    Allume Energy Discovered
    Allume Energy Discovered

    Then in 2022, the Energy Warrior went to All Energy Australia being held in Melbourne, just to see where the technology and markets were going.  There he discovered Allume Energy and met the founder, Cameron Knox.  Whilst Tim has done numerous solar PV proposals for strata clients, they have not proceeded, as the benefits of common power solar energy are too hard to define to the owners.  Solar PV, direct into resident meters is now possible with this world-first distribution technology.  

    Kin Technology - Quantum. The Energy Warrior discovers Heat Pumps
    Kin Technology - Quantum

    Authorised Distributors of QUANTUM Hot Water Heat Pumps.

    David Bacon and Daniel McElroy- O'Connell oversee Kin Technology, the lead distributor of QUANTUM ENERGY Hot Water Heat Pumps. QUANTUM has been manufacturing HW Heat Pumps for over 30 years and they are keen to reach out to new market verticals.   The Energy Warrior is now a KIN Technology Sales Agent, focusing on commercial and strata properties, many of who still use gas or electricity hot water systems.

    KIN Technology is a unit of KIN Capital, a leading property services group based at 15 Lime St, Barangaroo.

    The Energy Warrior domain was secured in November 2022.

    The Energy Warrior

    Now that the average energy price is moving from 20 something cents per kW/Hr-towards 40 cents, the energy efficiency savings DOUBLE .  And it helps reduce grid demand, carbon emissions as well as the power bill. Now you know why the Energy Warrior is all fired up!  He has added three new strings to his bow – and the cost of energy makes everything he does, even more useful.

    To see more of Tim’s work history, go to his

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