Energy Warrior hunts the kilowatts

Strata and Commercial LED Lighting

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– we hunt the kilowatts

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    LED LIGHTING Up-grades

    Proenergy does NOT do "cheap" - our fittings are all 5 year Warranty

    LED LIGHTING Up-grades

    We supply and install premium quality fittings across strata, commercial, aged care, and schools.

    Leading strata and commercial firms trust Energy Warrior Tim and his Proenergy team with major projects.    Recent projects include:

    • The HYDE – 157 Liverpool St, Sydney (1,120 fittings)
    • MACQUARIE – 155 Macquarie St, Sydney. (450 fittings)
    • VALENTINO Place, 1 Rothschild Ave, Rosebery. (720 fittings)
    • DIVERCITY – 810 Elizabeth St, Waterloo. (550 fittings)
    • KIMBERLY ESTATE – 83 Dalmeny St, Rosebery (the largest strata plan in Australia) (1,100 fittings)
    • ADVANX – 50 McLachlan St, RUSHCUTTERS BAY. (620 fittings)

    17 Woodland Ave, Breakfast Point – Energy saving summary.
    PROVIDENCE  had a multi-level car park and 4 fire stairs with  
    321 Fluoro Tube fittings upgraded to PROENERGY Motion & Daylight sensor LED lighting technology

    • ROI on ENERGY ONLY was over 70%
    • Energy cost was only 19 cents per kW/Hr in August 2021.
    Energy Warrior hunts the kilowatts

    We offer a (real) full-service 5 Year warranty on our installations.




    Contact The Energy Warrior on 0416 211 882. He will come to your property and undertake a detailed Lighting Audit.


    Send a recent energy bill to :


    Detailed Proposal

    Detailed Proposal

    The Energy Warrior does a Lighting Audit – we aim to replace every light fitting where there is an energy and/or a maintenance saving.

    You get a detailed proposal, outlining exactly what will get replaced, experienced saving estimates – and a fixed price.

    Installation Support

    Installation Support

    The Energy Warrior works closely with his client group, to ensure our Installation crew get every light working right – in the right place at the lowest energy demand.  
    But we never leave a space without good light.

    Energy Warrior hunts the kilowatts

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