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EV Charging Site Assessment

EV Charging Site Assessment




Strata owners face some big issues related to electric vehicle recharging, including:

  • Electricity capacity available and required.
  • Charging -who to charge, how to bill and manage.
  • How to plan for the roll-out for electric a building.
  • Charging and billing systems need to be set up & integrated with Strata accounts.
  • The investment required needs to be planned and agreed.

There will need to be surveys, quotes and strata By-laws to draft based on any Owner’s Committee agreements.

EV Charging in Strata is not simple

Installing EV Charging in strata buildings is an investment and needs to be durable and adequate. Options that need early resolution include available energy supply & the best distribution strategy.

  • Do you install standalone electric vehicle recharging stations for casual use?  
  • Or do you roll out electric vehicle chargers to each car park, using the common power ?
  • What is the Load capacity in your building to cater for electric vehicle charging?
  • What is the demand for Electric Vehicles by residents, over the next 5 years, at a minimum? 


Key outputs from a Site Assessment will be:

  1. Energy distribution review – what’s in the building – and what’s needed.
  2. Demand analysis – short and longer term.
  3. System specifications – Circuit breakers, Static & Dynamic load management, Data connections, Charging & Billing etc.
  4. Costings for the ‘Backbone’ and Chargers with  timeframes for a Roll-out.
  5. Strata By-laws support and advice about Rebates.


Your Energy Warrior will deliver a Solution, including ….

  • Provide contractual quotes to Supply & install the Sub-boards and other ‘backbone’ components.  
  • Includes a full ‘turn-key’ solution with Load management and Billing software tested and implemented.
  • Installation by qualified electricians, experienced in EV charger roll-outs for Ocular Charging.


Allow $980 (simple) to $1,950 (large & complex) to deliver an EV Charging Site Assessment.

You want EV Charging in your Strata car park ?

Get the Energy Warrior to do a Site Assessment - and you will know what's possible - and at what cost.

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